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Adding modem lines?

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The Question is:

I already have 1 external modem connected to a DS20 on Serial Port 2. How could
 I add an additional 3 modems to the DS20? Can I use internal modems? What
 would be supported? Or would I need something like a DECServer 90?

The Answer is :

  Use of a terminal server would be appropriate here, or the use of
  an add-on PCI serial-line controller if you wish to use direct-wired
  (non-networked) serial connections (and have available PCI slots).
  The OpenVMS Wizard generally prefers to use external modems, as they
  are easier to configure, easier to upgrade, easier to see the line
  connection (diagnostic) lights, and are unlikely to require any
  specialized software device drivers.  Internal modems that appear
  identical to a supported PCI serial line controller, or that have an
  appropriate OpenVMS device driver, will probably work with OpenVMS

answer written or last revised on ( 15-MAY-2000 )

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