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List of DECdtm consumers?

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The Question is:

Which products are using DECdtm? (DEC, COMPAQ and probably some foreign...)
While the system manager manual does tell, how to turn on/off LMCP (DECdtm), it
 is also mentioned, that the system manager should carefully check, if some
 program is using DECdtm before turning it off. There is no build in function,
 to ask DECdtm, what pr
oducts are referencing to. Is there a known list of DEC (COMPAQ) products,
 which definitly require DECdtm and some list (best effort) of third party
It would be highly convienent, if DECdtm itself would have a function, to
 display what products have called it (or did I miss something in the manual?)
best regards
Winfried H. Oppermann

The Answer is :

  Turn DECdtm off, and see what breaks?
  Search images for address references to the related system services?
  Also please see the LMCP DUMP command.
  Also please see topics 1382 and 2420.

answer written or last revised on ( 15-MAY-2000 )

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