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IP Printing and LINKDISCON error?

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The Question is:

I get this error when large or small print jobs try to print automatically over
 a weekend unattended.  -SYSTEM-F-LINKDISCON, network partner disconnected
 logical link.  I am running UCX vs 4.2 eco 3.  Now what.

The Answer is :

  Your first order of business is to ensure that the network remains
  available, that the IP link remains available, that the printer
  remains available, that the controller-level and IP-level counters
  do not report unusual events, and no cleaning staff unplugs some key
  network widget to plug in a vacuum cleaner (or other similar tale of
  You will also want to determine if this is triggered by the printer
  simply not being (quickly) ready when the print job is queued.
  Sometimes an idle printer is not (quickly) ready to accept a new job.
  If so, please see the UCX$TELNETSYM_IDLE_TIMEOUT and the related retry
  settings (Telnet or LPR/LPD), as well as various other details covered
  in topic 1020.
  Also, an upgrade to OpenVMS Alpha V7.1-2 (or later) and to TCP/IP
  Services V5.0A (or later, as available) is recommended.
  Please contact the Compaq Customer Support Center directly.  Details
  on the protocol (lpr/lpd or telnet) will be required, as well as
  details on the IP settings, as well as details on the printer and the
  printer NIC, will likely be required.)

answer written or last revised on ( 15-MAY-2000 )

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