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DECserver LAT communications protocol errors?

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The Question is:

Using DECSERVER 200M terminal servers. Started getting a problem with Terminals
 losing LAT connection.
Get error  LOCAL >  207   Communication      Protocol error
This is happening on more than one terminal server.
No specific pattern to when it happens or to particular terminals/terminal
 servers. Sometimes one will lose the connection othertimes several will lose
 connection at the same time.
What can we check ?

The Answer is :

  Start with the network cabling, with any routers and bridges, and
  with any related network devices present.  Check the counters for
  the LAT protocol, as well as checking the host network controllers
  and host network-level counters.
  Ensure that your OpenVMS system is at the current ECO level, as well.

answer written or last revised on ( 15-MAY-2000 )

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