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Third-party printer configuration? (AIX LPD)

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The Question is:

I sent a message on 5/11/00 regarding LPR queue from one alpha to another both
 running TCPIP v5.0.  Well, I finally figured it out - that on the receiving
 alpha, the one with the telnet
symbiont print queue, that I needed to define
my print queue via tcpip$lrpsetup.exe as a
local printer.
Ok, now I want to send reports via a lpr queue
from my alpha to an AIX box.  The AIX box does
not have a printcap.dat but uses a file called
qconfig to define print queues. I set up
a LPR queue from my alpha to go to a queue
on the AIX box and once again, it can't find
the printer.  Do I have to create a "printcap.dat" file on the AIX box??? or just
add the printer to the hosts file.
Marie Geraci, Sunquest Information Systems

The Answer is :

  Um, you have reached the OpenVMS Wizard and not the AIX Wizard.

answer written or last revised on ( 15-MAY-2000 )

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