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Configuring a modem on OpenVMS?

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The Question is:

I've found lots of helpful information in your archives over the past several
 years.  Thank you very much.
I've found variances of this question, but I didn't find anything that helps me
 so I'm asking for help.
I have a problem with one of my clients using:
OpenVMS V7.1-2
AlphaServer 800 5/500
Firmware V5.5-78
My question is:
Can a modem be connected to the TTB0: port?  They currently have a UPS on
 TTA0:.  I know that a 2100 on VMS V7.1+ can have both ports configured for
 modem control, but Im not sure about an 800.
The problem is that I can get both their modem and UPS to work on TTA0:, but
 neither on TTB0: and I would like to get both working concurrently.
Thanks in advance!
Wayne Coop
Systems Specialist
Data Research Associates

The Answer is :

  Modems can be configured on any serial port, but not all ports are
  capable of modem control signals.
  When configuring modems, the access to and the use of  a testing
  device known as a serial line break-out box is invaluable.
  A variety of topics on configuring modems are present here in the
  OpenVMS Ask The Wizard area -- there is no particular difference in
  the low-level serial line protocols and modem control signals used
  here, whether the host involved is OpenVMS VAX, OpenVMS Alpha,
  terminal server, or otherwise.  (The two most common interconnects
  are EIA-423 and EIA-232, and these are very similar signaling with
  differences in electrical interface and the pinouts.)
  Some of the existing discussions of modems include the following:
    (81), (153), (271), (300), (364), (634), (1001), (1016), (1761),
    (1839), (1935), (2094), (2177), (2488), (2936), (2950), (2960),
    (3033), (3127), (3633), (3695), (3925), (4331), (4347), (4566),
    (4639), (5576), (5852), (5997), (6015), (6758).
  Various related topics are included in the OpenVMS FAQ.

answer written or last revised on ( 17-JUL-2001 )

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