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Redundancy and Multipath SCSI?

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The Question is:

Dear sir,
    What are the software options for automatic scsi channel failover
(redundancy) on a standalone OpenVMS (7.1-2) Alpha server 8400
with two kzpbsa-bb(A11) scsi boards?
Best regards,
Victor Luz

The Answer is :

  Options: Host-based volume shadowing with member volumes configured
  on separate SCSI buses, or an upgrade to V7.2-1 or later and the use
  of an HSZ70 or HSZ80 series storage controller(s) configured to span
  across two SCSI buses.
  In practice, the SCSI bus itself is rather less likely to fail than
  the SCSI controller or the SCSI storage widget, and a controller
  failure or various other host hardware failures can result in system
  instability and system crashes.
  Configurations involving an OpenVMS Cluster (and obviously an
  additional OpenVMS Alpha system) can also be of interest here.
  Configurations involving the (older) CI or the (newer) Fibre Channel
  storage communications can also be of interest.

answer written or last revised on ( 17-MAY-2000 )

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