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Cluster job SYNCHRONIZE?

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The Question is:

We have a two node cluster.  I am trying to submit a job (child) from one node
 another.  The job (child) that needs to run on the remote node aquires
 required logicals from a user defined on that node and the logicals are
 independent from one that is subm
itting the job (different Oracle instance and different layered product).  When
 I remote submit the parent job should wait for the completion of the the child
 job.  However, when I try to SYNCHRONIZE parent and child jobs the parent job
 no longer recogniz
es the child job's queue.  SYNCHRONIZE works if the child job has no user
 specified in SUBMIT.
-- The following does not SYNCHRONIZE but inherits the logicals for user test
 and finishes the tasks
-- The following SYNCHRONIZES but without inheriting required logicals of user
Is this a security limitation for jobs submitted accross nodes.  Is there a way
 around it?

The Answer is :

  Try using DCL DECnet task-to-task?

answer written or last revised on ( 19-MAY-2000 )

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