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IP Printing and NOIOCHAN error?

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The Question is:

I am running ucx vs 4.2 eco 3 and continue to get this error message when
 trying to print via ip printers.
SYSTEM-F-NOIOCHAN, no I/O channel available
Please advise what I can do.  Colorado support assured me that if I upgrade to
 this vs of ucx it would resolve this issue, and it has NOT.

The Answer is :

  That's interesting, because the upgrade path the OpenVMS Wizard
  would have expected would be to V5.0A.  Not to V4.2 ECO 3.
  The OpenVMS Wizard is aware of NOIOCHAN problems that are
  resolved, but this could well be a new case -- details on
  the symbiont (there are two), the printer, the contents of
  the log file(s), and potentially a TCP/IP packet trace can
  be of interest here.  Please re-contact the support center.

answer written or last revised on ( 22-MAY-2000 )

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