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Invalid bootstrap block on BACKUP restore?

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The Question is:

Alpha Server 1000
After a routine image backup, the alpha was booted from dka0. The system
 reported the following:
CPU 0 booting
(boot dka0. -flags 0,0)
block 0 of dka0. is not a valid boot block
bootstrap failure
Restoring from a previous image set, and booting from dka0 shows no hardware or
 software fault. Restoring to the latest image returns the alpha to the faulty
Is it possible to identify, analyze and repair the corrupted files.

The Answer is :

  The AlphaServer 1000 is not supported on OpenVMS V6.1.
  The first OpenVMS Alpha release with support for this platform
  is V6.1-1H2, with various system variants (such as the AlphaServer
  1000A series) and certain hardware configurations requiring later
  OpenVMS releases.
  If this system is running a supported release, the OpenVMS Wizard
  expects that:
    o the input disk was not bootable,
    o the BACKUP was not /IMAGE for the creation and for the
      restoration of the saveset,
    o the APB file was somehow moved,
    o that something wrote a signature or other corruption onto the
      target disk (Windows NT for Alpha is known for corrupting the
      OpenVMS boot block with a "harmless" signature),
    o there is a disk hardware or firmware problem,
    o similar disk corruption.
  The bootable environment on the distribution CD-ROM media permits
  you to access DCL, and to mount and access the restored (target)
  system disk environment.  This permits you to restore backlinks,
  check the validity of APB, and to issue a WRITEBOOT command or
  similar repair.

answer written or last revised on ( 22-MAY-2000 )

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