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RMS returning CRMP error?

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The Question is:

On running a cobol program which open's up rms files the following error
 messages is displayed, rms-f-crmp crmpsc system service failed to map global
 buffers .
well i have checked the rms buffers in sysgen and increased these and also
 increased the amount of files which can be read from the account. any idea's
 or point me in to an area of web page which can be of use ?

The Answer is :

 CRMP,  CRMPSC system service failed to map global buffers
  Facility:     RMS, OpenVMS Record Management Services
  Explanation:  There are not enough available global sections (SYSGEN
                GBLSECTIONS), global pages (SYSGEN GBLPAGES), or global page
                file entries (SYSGEN GBLPAGFIL) to grant the requested number
                of global buffers or to create the global section associated
                with statistics enabled on the file.
                This message is associated with a system status code returned
                from the $CRMPSC (Create and Map Section) system service
                called from the RMS file system to map global buffers.
  User Action:  If statistics is enabled on the file, execute a SET FILE
                /NOSTATISTICS command on the file until the appropriate system
                generation parameters can be increased. Otherwise, try the
                following, as appropriate:
                o Reduce the number of global buffers requested in the FAB$W_
                  GBC field.
                o Execute a SET FILE/GLOBAL_BUFFER=0 command on the file and
                  retry the Connect service.
                o Wait until an orderly shutdown of the system can be
                  arranged; then increase the appropriate system generation
                  parameters and retry the operation.

answer written or last revised on ( 24-MAY-2000 )

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