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Hobbyist VAX 8530?

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The Question is:

	We've recently aquired a VAX 8530 system in the Electronics Club at
 Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.  We were lucky to find it being thrown out,
 and also lucky to have 3-phase power to run it. :)
	Anyways, since the RA82 hard drive that probably had VMS installed on
 it fails to spin up, we need VMS media to install the OS on one of our other
 hard drives.  This means that we need a 6250bpi tape for our TU81+ tape drive,
 and the right floppy disk fo
r our "VAX Console"  to bootstrap the machine.  Obviously, simply getting the
 hobbyist OpenVMS CD doesn't do us much good.  Do you have any suggesstions as
 to where/how we may get the proper media for our system?  I'm hoping that  you
 may have such media
 somewhere around there.  (We don't need the latest version, if you can't find
 it.  We'd just like something that supports TCP/IP)
	Derek Konigsberg
	RPI Electronics Club, President

The Answer is :

  You have various options: you can locate an InfoServer (which can serve
  a CD-ROM to this system and the VAX 8530 can then network bootstrap),
  or you can order a nine-track OpenVMS distribution kit (these kits are
  currently still available from Compaq), or you can locate somebody that
  can provide you with a standalone BACKUP kit on the necessary nine-track
  media, and copies of the VMS0%%.% and DECW0%%.% savesets on the same or
  associated non-track media, or you can cable the "B" port of the RA82
  drive over to another OpenVMS system that has direct access to a CD-ROM
  drive and load it from there.
  The VAX Console software required for the Pro console was generally only
  distributed by the Compaq Field Service organization.
  Though there have clearly been discussions of this topic in the OpenVMS
  newsgroups, the OpenVMS Wizard would hope you have already been in
  direct contact with the folks at the Compaq office in Albany NY.

answer written or last revised on ( 30-MAY-2000 )

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