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Determining process memory usage?

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The Question is:

where and How can i see how much physical memory a process is using ?

The Answer is :

  For a given process with PID in the symbol "pid", the total number of pages
  currently in the working set is:
	$ mem=F$GETJPI(pid,"PPGCNT")+F$GETJPI(pid,"GPGCNT")
  PPGCNT returns the number of process private physical pages currently in
  the working set. GPGCNT returns the number of global pages.
  Note that the sum of this value across all processes on a system may
  exceed total physical memory size, since the GPGCNT component may be
  shared with other processes.
  Also note that GROUP or WORLD privilege will be required to sample values
  for processes not owned by the requestor.

answer written or last revised on ( 29-MAY-2000 )

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