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Console serial line (OPA0:) errors?

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The Question is:

We are constantly having lockups on OPA0 (console vt-420). When this occurs, we
 see that the error count on that device rises. Also, when we run SHO TERM
 OPA0, it shows SYSTEM  as the user. Could the user  staying logged in for a
 long period of time cause
 errors if OPCOM is enabled? Is there any way to free the locked terminal
 without having to reboot the system? It may occur during a backup. Any help
 would be appreciated. We've had this problem since the system was installed.
 We've changed the motherboar
d 4 times.

The Answer is :

  First, the OpenVMS Wizard will recommend an upgrade to at least OpenVMS
  V6.2 (Prior Version Support is currently available for this release), or
  to the current OpenVMS release.  (OpenVMS V6.1 is no longer supported.)
  That said, and given the sketchy description, the OpenVMS Wizard will
  invoke psychic powers in an attempt to divine a solution to your problem.
  There was an ECO kit called VAXSYSL02_062 applicable to OpenVMS VAX V6.1
  running on VAXstation 4000 Model VLC or VAXstation/MicroVAXes 3100 Models
  30/38/40/48 which corrected the following:
  o If the console terminal in set to (NOBROADCAST) and an
    application is run that sends replies to the console, at
    some point the console device (OPA0) may hang.
  Full details and links to the ECO files can be found at URL
  There are also applications using SHARE privilege to access the console
  port for message output that are known to occasionally fail to relinquish
  their connection to the port and to thus leave you with a hung OPA0:.
  Errors on the serial port can also be a result of various possible
  cabling faults, of over-long cabling, of cross-talk within the cable
  itself, of interference received from other (inadequately shielded)
  devices or cabling, of various serial-line framing errors, or of any
  of various  problems within the terminal or terminal settings.
  Users that are simply logged in to a device ARE NOT an expected cause
  of serial-line communications errors.
  Also please check the system error log for any relevent errors.
  Please contact the Compaq Customer Support Center or your hardware
  support organization for further assistance.  Expect to be asked the
  specifics of the error log, the host system, the serial line wiring,
  and other details relevent to the current environment and the errors.

answer written or last revised on ( 6-JUN-2000 )

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