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Archeological Assembler Assistance?

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The Question is:

I have stumbled across a .MAR file with the following contents:
I can't find in the documentation what this means and what the difference is
 between the DEFINE statements. I also searched the OpenVMS documentation site.
Can you tell me where to find this information?
Thanks,  Hans

The Answer is :

  You will want to contact the organization supporting the module,
  as "define_execentry" does not appear in OpenVMS, neither in the
  OpenVMS sources nor in the Macro programming libraries.
  Based solely on the names of these macros, the OpenVMS Wizard will
  assume that this module is a privileged shareable image (also known
  as a user-written system service).  If this is the case, please see
  the SYS$EXAMPLES:USS*.* files for another example, as well as the
  OpenVMS Programming Concepts manual and the OpenVMS Shareable Image

answer written or last revised on ( 7-JUN-2000 )

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