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Third-party software? (TCPware)

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The Question is:

I know you've covered printers to nth degree, but I still can't find the
 solution for my problem.
We are running OpenVMS 7.1-2, TCPWare 5.4-3.  I have an HP8100 that is using
 the same device library and forms as an HP8000.  The application has no
 problem printing on the HP8000 but the HP81000 prints the escape sequences on
 a header page before printin
g the job. Both printers work fine from desktop applicatons. The documented
 escape sequences for the two printers are the same, and I can find no
 difference in setup.  I extracted the modules from the library, just on the
 off chance something is screwy.
Printer queue has been deleted and recreated.  I tried HP's e-mail tech
 support, but they must have croaked when I said OpenVMS.
Just point me in some direction.
Evelyn Lowman

The Answer is :

  Please contact the organization supporting TCPware for assistance
  with the TCPware product and correctly configuring TCPware print
  Please ensure that your printers are actually compatible, and that
  both are configured the same way, and that both have the current
  firmware.  (HP will have details of this.)
  Please see topic 1020 for information on device control libraries
  and details on IP-based printing using TCP/IP Services, and see
  topics 1566, 1641, 3917, and 4040 for some potentially-related
  details around TCP/IP Services and HP 8000-series printers.

answer written or last revised on ( 7-JUN-2000 )

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