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Purpose of FASTPATH_SERVER process?

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The Question is:

With OpenVMS 7.2-1, what is the Fastpath_Server
process that shows up doing a show system?
I know this has to do with the the sysgen parameter IO_PREFER_CPUS and
 Fast_path, but why does this process run?

The Answer is :

    The FASTPATH_SERVER process' job is to balance fast path ports across
    available CPUs.  Because CPUs can come and go at any time (via the
    STOP/CPU or START/CPU DCL commands, or moving a CPU between instances in
    a Galaxy configuration), fast path port assignments may need to be
    reassigned across the set of available CPUs.  The FASTPATH_SERVER
    process does this.
    As you have noticed, this process is started only when you enable
    FAST_PATH on your system.  The process is event driven -- when either a
    new CPU starts or when a fast path event occurs that requires
    reassignment, the process will note the available CPUs and reassign
    fast poat ports as necessary.  In the absence of these events, the
    process hibernates.  The system resources consumed by this process are

answer written or last revised on ( 13-JUN-2000 )

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