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Connecting printer to OpenVMS?

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The Question is:

I need an inkjet printer driver for VMS 7.2, on a Digital machine. Please
 specify for which printers there are drivers available, and where I can get

The Answer is :

  OpenVMS does not generally offer nor generally require printer-specific
  drivers, as most printers use one (or more) of several available
  connections (eg: LAT, serial, IP, etc) and one or more standard printing
  protocols (eg: lpr/lpd, serial ASCII, Postscript, etc).
  Please contact the Compaq Customer Support Center directly, and please
  provide details of the OpenVMS host, the particular printer, and the
  particular problem(s) seen.  For third-party printers, also please
  contact the printer vendor for assistance they may be able to render.

answer written or last revised on ( 14-JUN-2000 )

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