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Reconfiguring cluster boot server?

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The Question is:

The short version of this question is - how do I change the boot node of a
 mixed-architecture cluster from a DSSI VAX to an ALPHA while preserving the
 system disk.
Can I just add the Alpha to the cluster, restore an image backup of the boot
 node's system disk to a disk on the alpha and reboot the cluster (while not
 booting the DSSI system)?
I think there's probably a few other things I need to do, and would rather ask
 here than dig through the docset.

The Answer is :

  Cross-architecture bootstraps (OpenVMS Cluster satellite downloads)
  and cross-architecture disk services are fully supported in OpenVMS.
  With a mixed-architecture cluster, you must have at least two system
  disks, one for OpenVMS VAX and one for OpenVMS Alpha.  You may have
  zero or more additional system disks.
  To switch over the boot server, simply set up the MOP database that
  is accessable to the OpenVMS Alpha system (via commands in DECnet
  Phase IV NCP, DECnet-Plus NCL, or OpenVMS LANCP on V6.2 and later)
  to point to the existing OpenVMS VAX system disk for the satellite
  nodes and enable MOP service, then (if desired) disable MOP service
  on the OpenVMS VAX node.
  Your existing OpenVMS Alpha system may already be configured with
  access to the existing the MOP service database (used for establishing
  the association between the target system disk root and the cluster
  satellite MOP request), and may simply need to have the MOP service
  enabled.  The OpenVMS LANCP MOP database can be fully shared between
  the existing OpenVMS VAX and OpenVMS Alpha nodes, for instance.

answer written or last revised on ( 20-JUN-2000 )

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