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Extending DEC 2000 SCSI?

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The Question is:

I have the following configuration:
    dec2000 2 disks and 1 cdrom scsi inside running openvms 7.1-2
    storageworks pizzabox 3 disks
    1 tz87
The scsi card, adaptec 1542 eisa, has to autlets, internal and external. disk 0
 (id0) disk 1 (id1) and cdrom (id2) are internal.
Disk 2 (id3) disk3 (id4) disk4 (id5) are in a storageworks pizzabox
Connected to the pizza box is a tz87 (id6) terminated. The host scsi (id7)
So everything should be ok.
When i look at the console (>>> show dev) all devices are show correctly.
 Booting the system (disk0) works fine.
I can mount disk 1,2,3 and the tz87. But disk 4 cannot be mounted, device even
 goes offline.
When i remove the tapeunit disk 4 can be mounten.
I also swappen the pizza box but the problem remains. Swapping the tz does not
 work either.
What is wrong ??

The Answer is :

  Please contact your hardware service provider for assistance with
  your current hardware configuration, both for assistance in
  resolving this problem and in adding peripherals or otherwise
  reconfiguring your system.
  Please realize that certain SCSI controllers do not permit "long"
  SCSI cabling -- SCSI is very sensitive to the aggregate length of
  the SCSI bus and the number of connections, in addition to correct
  termination and such.
  If you wish to use an external SCSI bus with this particular series
  system (the DEC 2000 series) and this SCSI configuration, you will
  likely want to consider the addition of a second SCSI controller.

answer written or last revised on ( 20-JUN-2000 )

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