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EDIT/TPU in command file? (NONANSICRT)

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The Question is:

I am trying to lauch the vms editor from a command file using the following
 command EDIT/TPU/INI=MY_TOOLS:EVE$INIT.EVE/READ 'P1' where P1 equals a valid
 filename.However, I keep getting the error "%TPU-E-NONANSICRT, SYS$INPUT must
 be supported CRT". What
can I do to over come this problem?

The Answer is :

    Your error is due to TPU attempting to read command input from the
    command procedure itself. This is quite normal. While a command
    procedure is executing, the "standard input" is from the procedure.
    If you wish to redirect standard input (SYS$INPUT) to be from the
    interactive terminal, for any command or program. add the line:
    immediately prior to the command or executing the program.
    While executing commands at the terminal, both SYS$INPUT and
    SYS$COMMAND will point to the terminal. When you execute a procedure,
    SYS$INPUT is redefined to point to the procedure. The above command
    redefines SYS$INPUT back to the terminal. The /USER means it will be a
    temporary redefinition, which will be reset at the next image

answer written or last revised on ( 16-JUN-2000 )

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