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Disabling SRM auto-bootstrap?

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The Question is:

How do I force my Alpha XP1000 to boot to the SRM instead of going into the VMS
 Boot Loader?

The Answer is :

  You must set the SRM console variable AUTO_ACTION to "HALT".
  This will cause the console to stop at the console prompt (which,
  the OpenVMS Wizard presumes, is what you mean by "boot to the SRM"),
  when the system powers on.
  This is done at the console prompt, as follows:
   >>> set auto_action halt
  You can get to the console prompt by typing the command SHUTDOWN at
  the operator console, after logging into the system account.  Or, you
  can use the brute force method, and type control/p (pressing the control
  key and the "P" key simultaneously) or press the BREAK key.
  If, instead, you wish the machine to stop at the console prompt instead
  of rebooting when it crashes, then you must set the system parameter
  BUGREBOOT to zero.  You do this using SYSGEN, as follows:
    $ run sys$system:sysgen
    SYSGEN> set bugreboot 0
    SYSGEN> write active
    SYSGEN> write current
    SYSGEN> exit
  The "write active" command forces the change to take effect immediately
  in the currently running instance of OpenVMS.  The "write current"
  command will write the new state of the parameter to the parameter file
  on disk, and it will take effect on the next reboot of OpenVMS.
  Be sure to follow the procedures to update MODPARAMS.DAT, as described in
  Chapter 14 of the System Manager's Manual, to ensure that the new setting
  of BUGREBOOT is maintained after running AUTOGEN.

answer written or last revised on ( 29-JUN-2000 )

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