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Connecting OpenVMS to Internet ISP?

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The Question is:

I have an alphastation 433au running OPenvms 7.2 with Netscape 3.x.
How do I connect the netscape browser to the internet.
When I run the netscape program, all I got is the browser page and I know
that unless I am hooked up, I cannot just type http://www.xxx.com
Q) Do I use an external Hayes compatible modem?
     What baud rate?
     Can a US robotics type modem be used?
Q) THen after I get my account from Sprint, can you give me an
     example on how to connect to the internet.
Note:// Please kindly do NOT ask me to get an NT machine.  I hate
  Microsoft and I hate the fact that they have discouraged competitors
  of other operating systems.
  I love OPENVMS with all my heart and will be stubborn enough to stay
  with it for as long as possible.
Q) IsDecWrite still available for sale and how can I get it?
     For your information, I prefer Decwrite or Digital Standard Runnoff over
     Microsoft Word - please help me.
Q) DO you know how I can use OPenvms to print on a thermal printer?
     I have checked with Genicom (the company that sells printers) but had
     no luck so far.
     Where can I get the device driver that will enable OPenvms to print
     on a thermal printer?
Q) Do you know of any boxoffice ticketing software available on OPenvms.
     I know the ticketing software is available on DOS or NT but then
     again, I love OPenVMS.
Q) I know that 'Tadpole Technologiy' used to make the  'Alphabook'
     running OPenvms but they have stopped doing that.
     Can Compaq make some kind of laptop Openvms machine?
Q) I understand there is so much fuss about Microsoft dominating the
     Operating system market.
     Is there a way Compaq can start an all out campaign to revive the
     Openvms market?
     I think the Product managers at Compaq ought to get a vote from
     all the engineers out there who have worked with OPenVMS and would
     love to carry on with VMS.
     I am personally very unhappy with Unix and definitely dislike NT and I am
     sure many people out there feel the same, at least I know of people who
     dislike Microsoft which is why we are having lawsuits against Microsoft's
     Can someone at Compaq take a serious look about reviving the
     popularity of Openvms?   All it takes is some determination to do
     some serious marketing.
Thank you for your help.  Hope to hear from you soon,

The Answer is :

  Please, one question to a posting.
  You will need an IP connection (SLIP or PPP) to a local Internet
  Service Provider, and this involves contacting local provider(s)
  and determining what sorts of connection protocols, bandwidths,
  baud rates, and pricing policies are available.
  If using PPP, your provider must not require RAS authentication.
  (Unless you use a host-based or network-based IP tunneling package
  that supports it, of course.)
  Also please see topic 1158 for ISP information.
  Modem-related information is readily available here at the OpenVMS
  Ask The Wizard website.
  DECwrite information is available in the Software Public Rollout,
  a report referenced in the OpenVMS FAQ.  SPD is 55.58.xx for
  OpenVMS Alpha, and SPD 36.39.xx for Microsoft Windows.
  The OpenVMS Wizard is not aware of any Compaq plans to create a
  portable OpenVMS Alpha system -- though the AlphaServer DS10L does
  have a convenient handle.
  Information on locating software products available from Compaq and
  from ISVs is referenced in the OpenVMS FAQ -- an application catalog
  is available at: http://www.partner.compaq.com/www-catalog/
  Discussions of marketing campaigns and plans and options are well
  outside the domain of the OpenVMS Wizard.

answer written or last revised on ( 2-AUG-2000 )

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