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Recovering from corrupted disk?

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The Question is:

I have an old Microvax II and vms 5.4 with some data that I need to recover.
the system disk had bad sectors on the indexf.sys file.
I have made a backup/image of the disk.
and made a low level formatting.
but now, after restore from the saveset I have this messages:
$ dir $2$dua0:[000000]
%DIRECT-E-OPENIN, error opening $2$DUA0:[000000]*.*;* as input
-RMS-E-DNF, directory not found
-SYSTEM-W-BADIRECTORY, bad directory file format
$ analyze/disk/repair $2$dua0:
-SYSTEM-W-BADIRECTORY, bad directory file format
%VERIFY-W-BADHIBLK, file (1,1,1) [000000]INDEXF.SYS;1
        inconsistent HIBLK and map area
%VERIFY-W-READHEADER, file (5022,0,1)
        file header read error
-SYSTEM-W-ENDOFFILE, end of file
%VERIFY-E-WRITEHEADER, file (5022,0,1)
        file header write error
-SYSTEM-W-ENDOFFILE, end of file
etc. etc.
There are several userfile with the same name in differents dirs.
can you help me please ?!
which is the right procedure to recover my files in the right directories ?
Reconstruct indexf.sys ? extract from saveset ?
Best Regards

The Answer is :

  Please contact the Compaq Customer Support Center for assistance
  in resurrecting (or attempting) the file structure on this disk.
  If the files (those adversely affected by the failure) on the
  target disk are not of interest, you can obviously also attempt
  to restore the individual files of interest onto another disk,
  via one or more BACKUP/SELECT commands.
  Topics specific to unintential initialization or the overwriting of
  disk and tape media include (1286) and (6990).
  For errors resulting from file structure, directory structure, or
  file structure corruptions, please see topics such as (1213), (4088),
  (4571), (5071), (5553), (5719), (6021), (6234).
  If you want to overwrite the data on the media, related topics include
  (841), (3926), (4286), (4598), and (7320).

answer written or last revised on ( 24-JUN-2002 )

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