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Error in UIC specification? (UICERR)

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The Question is:

What is the syntax to modify the UID of a user?
I tried:
UAF> modify username /UID=[100,329]
%UAF-E-UICERR, error in UIC specification \[100,328]\
The current UID is [420,45]

The Answer is :

 UICERR,  error in UIC specification
  Facility:     UAF, Authorize Utility
  Explanation:  A user identification code (UIC) was specified incorrectly.
                User identification codes have the format [group,member],
                where the values for group and member can be numeric or
                alphanumeric. The system translates each code into a 32-
                bit octal string; the high-order 16 bits are the group
                identifier, the low-order 16 bits are the member identifier.
                The member identifier must be unique for each system user.
                In a numeric UIC, the group identifier can have an octal
                value between 1 and 37776. The member identifier can have
                an octal value between 0 and 177776. You can omit leading
                zeros when specifying a numeric identifier. In an alphanumeric
                UIC, the group and member identifiers can have between 1 and
                31 characters, of which at least one must be alphabetic.
                Alphabetic characters are the letters A to Z, and the
                underscore and dollar sign symbols.
  User Action:  Correct the specification of the UIC.

answer written or last revised on ( 27-JUN-2000 )

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