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BACKUP, ACLs, and directories?

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The Question is:

We want to copy a complete directory tree to another root directory. The way
 we usually use is BACKUP. But I cannot propagate the ACE's on certain on the
 new location ! I read (with the help online) backup /image should do this (see
 faq) but we only want
 sub directories!
Which is the qualifier or set of qualifier that I missed!

The Answer is :

  The BACKUP qualifier /INTERCHANGE is used to specifically EXCLUDE the
  propagation of ACLs between source and destination. Assuming you're not
  using BACKUP/INTERCHANGE, then all ACEs should be being copied to the new
  files. The only other things to remember is to specify the file ownership
  with /BY_OWNER=ORIGINAL if you wish to preserve ownership information, and
  to ensure that the top level directory is copied explicitly (if it does not
  already exist), rather than implicitly. For example:
	$ BACKUP DKA100:[SOURCE...]*.*;* DKA200:[DEST...]*.*;*
  copies SOURCE.DIR to DEST.DIR *implicitly*, that is BACKUP realises it
  needs to create the directory in order to have somewhere to put the first
  file, this is done WITHOUT reference to the original directory, so security
  information will NOT be copied. To copy this directory explicitly, add an
  extra BACKUP command:
	$ BACKUP DKA100:[000000]SOURCE.DIR DKA200:[000000]DEST.DIR
  	$ BACKUP DKA100:[SOURCE...]*.*;* DKA200:[DEST...]*.*;*
  Note, for the same reason, when performing a non-image backup of an
  entire disk, use:
	$ BACKUP disk:[000000...]*.*;* destination
  rather than:
	$ BACKUP disk:[*...]*.*;* destination
  The former copies all top level directories explicitly and thus preserves
  all security information.

answer written or last revised on ( 27-JUN-2000 )

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