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Configuring and Downloading DECserver?

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The Question is:

I am trying to connect and start a decserver 200 MC, someone hit the reset
 button and we have no documentation on how to configure or start the thing
 from our OpenAlpha.  I found some information that says to ncp to it but we
 don't know what the "node" na
me is.  SO I found some other info that says to use @dsvconfig but this is what
 I get:
Fresno $ @dsvconfig
In order to use this  command procedure, your DECnet network must be running.
Please  consult  your VAX/VMS  DECnet-VAX System Managers Guide  for  network
starting procedures, and then run this command file again when the network is
running.  For VMS V4.0, please  consult  your VAX/VMS  Guide to Networking on
VAX/VMS for network starting procedures.
%NCP-W-UNRCMP, Unrecognized component , Logging
Logging sink type = monitor
How do I start the service?  Where can I find info on seting up my Decserver
 200 mc to my OpenAlpha?
Thanks in advance,
Adam Walker

The Answer is :

  The "nodename" is whatever one-to-six alphanumeric character string
  you want to use to identify the particular DECnet host node, and
  whatever one-to-six alphanumeric character name you want to assign
  to the particular DECserver.   The name must be unique.
  Please note that the DECserver does NOT use DECnet, it uses only
  LAT. The DECnet database and the DECnet implementation of the
  Maintenance and Operation Protocol (MOP) are used (only) for the
  initial download of software into the DECserver.  Once the system
  image has been downloaded into the DECserver, the DECserver 200
  series does NOT use DECnet during normal operations.
  The usual mechanism for starting DECnet Phase IV is via the DCL
  command procedure @SYS$MANAGER:STARTNET.  To use the provided
  automatic configuration tool for DECnet Phase IV -- which is
  necessary before you can first start DECnet -- invoke the DCL
  command procedure @SYS$MANAGER:NETCONFIG.
  You may well be using DECnet-Plus, though you do not mention which
  DECnet is in use.  The DECserver download and configuration
  mechanisms expect DECnet Phase IV.
  The OpenVMS Wizard is not particularly aware of a load kit for
  the DECserver 200 series for OpenVMS Alpha system running DECnet-Plus.
  While these DECnet-Plus systems can download the DECserver software
  (the image provided within the DECserver 200 download kit) via MOP
  or via LANCP MOP, the configuration process will be entirely manual.
  Please contact the Compaq Customer Support Center for assistance
  with the LANCP command set and for any still-available documentation
  for the DECserver 200 series.

answer written or last revised on ( 28-JUN-2000 )

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