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DECwindows shared linkage entries? (NOTSHRADR)

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The Question is:

We are running a mixed cluster consisting of a VAX 6410 and and Alpha 2100
 under OpenVMS 7.1.  Last week we pulled the VAX node out of the cluster and
 reconfigured it as a standalone node.  We then restored an image backup on the
 VAX system made prior to
the reconfiguration and restored it as a cluster member.  The VAX system boots
 back into the cluster just fine.  However, when we reboot the Alpha system,
 DECwindows no longer appears to be loading correctly.  As the Alpha boot
 process completes, we see t
he following error messages:
%INSTALL-I-FAIL, failed to create shared linkage entry for
-INSTALL-E-NOTSHRADR, CDE$UNIX_ROUTINES is not installed with shareable address
%INSTALL-I-FAIL, failed to create shared linkage entry for
-SYSTEM-F-VA_IN_USE, virtual address already in use
%INSTALL-I-FAIL, failed to create shared linkage entry for
-SYSTEM-F-VA_IN_USE, virtual address already in use
%INSTALL-I-FAIL, failed to create shared linkage entry for
-SYSTEM-F-VA_IN_USE, virtual address already in use
%INSTALL-I-FAIL, failed to create shared linkage entry for
-SYSTEM-F-VA_IN_USE, virtual address already in use
The Alpha console then displays the DECwindows background, but does not display
 a boot prompt.  Killing the DECW$SERVER0 process and rerunning
 DECW$STARTUP.COM does not correct the problem.
The Alpha was not modified and was not rebooted while we had the VAX out of the
 cluster.  We have also reinstalled DECwindows (version 1.4) on the Alpha,
 which had no impact on the problem.  Any suggestions as to what the problem is?

The Answer is :

  This does not initially look related to the removal of the OpenVMS VAX
  node from the cluster, and its subsequent addition back into the cluster.
  Please consider an upgrade to DECwindows version V1.2-5.
  Check the values of the GH_RES_CODE and IMGREG_PAGES system parameters.
  Also make sure that the DECwindows AUTOGEN pass has not been disabled
  (via DECW$IGNORE_AUTOGEN or otherwise), and ensure that changes to
  these and to other key parameter settings have not been disabled via
  MODPARAMS.DAT, and run a pass of AUTOGEN on the target system.  This
  should reset the above values to permit the system to load DECwindows.
  If the AUTOGEN and reboot does not succeed in loading DECwindows (and
  assuming that MODPARAMS.DAT has been cleaned up), please contact the
  Compaq Customer Support Center directly for assistance.

answer written or last revised on ( 28-JUN-2000 )

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