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IP telnet (via X.25) printing?

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The Question is:

I got  LA210,LA310 old printers that connected to X.25 pads,
which are connected to CISCO ,
which is doing a translation from TCPIP to  X.25 .
So every printer has a "virtual" IP address.
On my 7.1 VMS I've defined a telnetsym queue to that Ip address.
I had alot of problems,  which most had to do with that CISCO router...
But i had at least one stange problem.
When i printed a text file, the last line came out without a CR at the end,
causing the printer to overwrite that line at the next printing.
I've tested it and found out that it happens only when the logical name
 ucx$telnetsym_idle_timeout  doesnt exist.
When I define it and restart the queue (stop it, erase it, and inits it again),
for some reason, the last line  being printed is  followed by [enter].
My question is why?
what does that idle_timeout has to do with linefeed ?
btw.  i know that supress_form_feeds has something to do with it,
         but it doesnt do a thing when i define it or not....

The Answer is :

  Please contact the Compaq Customer Support Center, as you will need
  to provide information on the file, the file organization, on the
  local network configuration, and on the various software packages
  and associated versions -- such as the TCP/IP Product and Version.
  (This could potentially be as simple as a corrupted input file, or
  as difficult and complex to track down as a bug in any of the various
  software and networking components involved in this particular printing
  On OpenVMS Alpha V7.1 and later, please upgrade to TCP/IP Services
  V5.0A or later.

answer written or last revised on ( 28-JUN-2000 )

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