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Differing DECnet file transfer times?

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The Question is:

Attempting to copy a large file from one alpha node to another alpha using DCl
 COPY command.  Transfer is too long.  Copying the file from same alpha node to
 a VAX node takes only 4 minutes.   Is there a setting in DECNET that needs to
 be checked???
Thanks for your time.

The Answer is :

  Without the exact error message and relevent information on the
  network configuration and relative activity, this problem could
  result from:
    o an OpenVMS tuning problem
    o a network tuning problem
    o an OpenVMS configuration problem
    o a network configuration problem
    o an OpenVMS host hardware problem
    o a network hardware problem
    o OpenVMS host controller bandwidth limits
    o network bandwidth limits
    o a software problem
    o router or firewall congestion
    o differing network hardware capabilities
    o etc.
  Please contact the Customer Support Center for assistance in
  resolving this problem.

answer written or last revised on ( 29-JUN-2000 )

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