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Shareable Images vs Shared Memory?

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The Question is:

What is the difference between shared images & shared memory?
can you tell me on-line references on shared memory?
I would be interested to know the issues related to shared memory.

The Answer is :

  Shareable images are pre-built libraries typically containing
  executable code.  Please see the shareable image cookbook (see
  the OpenVMS FAQ for the pointer) for details on shareable images,
  and on benefits and trade-offs.
  Shareable images can be installed (via the INSTALL utility),
  and various qualifiers permit multiple processes to share the
  memory required by the code in the shareable image.  Further,
  depending on how the shareable image is installed, potentially
  writeable-shareable data areas can also be shared -- these are
  analogous to a Fortran COMMON.
  The OpenVMS Wizard would particularly recommend skimming the
  OpenVMS Programming Concepts Manual, as well as other related
  programming documentation available in the OpenVMS documentation
  set.  Further, in addition to the shareable image cookbook that
  is referenced in the OpenVMS FAQ, please also see topic 2486 here.

answer written or last revised on ( 29-JUN-2000 )

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