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pcAnywhere for OpenVMS? (PEEK, SPY)

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The Question is:

Is there any application available that does the same as pcanywhere for VMS?
If so what is it and where is it available or if there is any other way of
 controlling a vms terminal from another without setting host.
Thanking you in advance.

The Answer is :

  Please see topic 2039 for related information on PEEK and SPY.  There
  are other tools available in this area.
  For X Windows, you could write an application that runs on the remote
  system, and which does a get_image of the screen, colormap, and cursor
  at periodic intervals.  It can then send this image off to another X11
  display.  At the same time, the application can open a channel to the
  keyboard and pointer; there are $qio functions to simulate input.
  A virtual frame buffer is another approach for X Windows.
  And depending on what you are up to and unlike PC systems, you can also
  usually simply log into the target OpenVMS system over the network, and
  perform various desired operations directly.

answer written or last revised on ( 2-AUG-2000 )

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