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SUBMIT, Clustering and Queues?

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The Question is:

I would like to submit a command procedure into a queue on another node in a
 cluster.  What is the sysntax?  Doc's say to include the remote node name in
 the file spec but not sure what this means.
$submit/remote node::d.com ?????

The Answer is :

  Most queues are accessable cluster-wide.  In this case, the
  SUBMIT/REMOTE operation is unnecessary, as (typically) all
  queues are accessable from all cluster member nodes -- you
  can simply use SUBMIT.
  Submission to a queue running on an entirely separate queue manager
  running on another node would involve the SUBMIT/REMOTE command.
  Only SYS$BATCH is accessable.
  DECnet task-to-task is another option, and permits you to relocate
  files and perform commands on remote nodes using a DECnet client
  and a DECnet server on the remote node.  The client and the server
  can be any combination of DCL and executable images.  An example
  of DCL DECnet task-to-task communications is available here in the
  Ask The Wizard area.
  Another option is the DQS distributed queue services package.
  Please contact your system manager for assistance in the specific
  configuration of your queues, and to determine if the cluster
  should be (re)configured to permit direct access, or if the
  installation of DQS or similar product is appropriate.

answer written or last revised on ( 30-JUN-2000 )

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