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MONITOR leaves orphan VPM processes?

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The Question is:

I have a cluster of 5 nodes two 8400, 2 4000 and an Alphastation 255 as a
 quorum node.  When I run Monitor cluster on one of the 8400's 5 VPM_<number>
 processes appear on each of the two 4000.  If I run the command again straight
 away no further processes
 are created.  If I run the command after a few minutes 5 further process are
 created on both nodes.  The processes never dissapear and have caused all the
 process slots to be used up.  Is this a feature or a bug?

The Answer is :

  This would be a bug.
  There are *MONT* ECO kits available for V7.1 through V7.1-1H2
  inclusive, though it is not clear that these ECO kits address
  this particular problem.
  Please first upgrade to V7.1-2 or V7.2-1, and please also upgrade
  to TCP/IP Services V5.0A.
  Then, ECO kit UPDATE V3 (for V7.1-2) has the latest version of
  MONITOR and VPM for V7.1-2.
  If V7.1-2 with UPDATE V3 (or later) does not address this, please
  contact the Compaq Customer Support Center directly.  Expect to be
  asked for the contents of any relevent log files, as well as for
  any error messages seen, and for relevent system configuration
  As a temporary workaround -- and if no users are running MONITOR
  CLUSTER -- you can safely STOP the VPM_* processes.

answer written or last revised on ( 3-JUL-2000 )

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