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Meaning of ILLFORMED Security Audit?

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The Question is:

When performing the SHOW AUDIT command I get a the message that system security
 audits are enabled for
Audit: Illformed
Please explain the implications of this for me

The Answer is :

  Nefarious users have been known to try all kinds of tactics in an attempt
  to confound and confuse auditing systems in order to cover their tracks.
  These include sending bogus auditing messages or requests to the security
  system, hoping to find a fatal error which crashes the audit server
  process and thereby preventing further auditing. The "ILLFORMED" class of
  audit enables reporting of any incomplete or syntactically incorrect audit
  or security request.
  Should an illformed message be reported, it means that you're either under
  attack from someone trying to break the security system, or there is a
  coding error in code attempting to communicate with the security system.
  Please report any instances of this alarm being triggered to your local
  Customer Support Centre.

answer written or last revised on ( 4-JUL-2000 )

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