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C and the DECnet NFBDEF structure?

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The Question is:

I'm having similar problemes to a problem posted on the FAQ as 'is nfbdef
I've just started a conversion from vaxc to Decc on Alpha for a client and have
 noted the following :-
ntbdef.h is NOT in sys$library  on the Alpha as stated in your earlier answer.
 So unless someone has removed it your previous statement is no longer true.
I can find a version in sys$lib_c.tlb but there
is a struct definition of NFB which is different from the previous func and
 terminator version they currently define locally and as your previous query
What's the full story on this new header definition?

The Answer is :

  Per topic 985, please see SYS$LIB_C.TLB for a copy of NFBDEF.
  Also please see topic 430 in the old questions area.
  System-provided declarations of NFBDEF have always been somewhat
  problematic, as only the first very small part of the DECnet
  Network Function Block (NFB) data structure was ever officially
  documented, along with only a very few NFB function codes.
  The usual problem found in C programs accessing this structure (on
  OpenVMS Alpha) has to do with member alignment and padding inserted
  by the compiler for reasons of performance.  Please see the existing
  discussions of #pragma member_align, such as topic 860, and please
  see the OpenVMS FAQ section entitled "SOFT5. VAX C and DEC C, and
  other OpenVMS C Programming Considerations?"

answer written or last revised on ( 5-JUL-2000 )

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