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Clustering and Storage?

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The Question is:

Do I configure4 a LAN based Cluster, using two DS20 Machine, without using a
 external storage?

The Answer is :

  SCSI itself is not a cluster communications interconnect.
  You can decide to configure this environment with or without multi-host
  SCSI.  If you choose to have these AlphaServer DS20 systems connected
  together with one or more multi-host SCSI buses, you can have any of a
  variety of disks and SCSI HSZ-series storage controllers connected to
  any of these multi-host SCSI buses.  (Tapes and other "non-reentrant"
  SCSI devices are not permitted on multi-host SCSI buses.)
  The need for one or more cluster communications interconnects, as well
  as a requirement for total connectivity among all of the cluster member
  nodes, is central here -- this means you must have a CI, Ethernet, FDDI
  or other cluster communications interconnect configured here for this to
  be a functional cluster.
  If you do have a multi-host SCSI configuration, all OpenVMS hosts
  sharing the SCSI bus must be members of the same cluster.  You must
  also maintain your SCSI storage configuration -- this includes any
  internal and any external SCSI devices you might have configured and
  all cabling and termination -- within the requirements of the
  applicable SCSI standards.
  The OpenVMS Wizard would recommend skimming through the available
  cluster documentation in the OpenVMS manual set, as well as skimming
  the information on VOTES and EXPECTED_VOTES in the OpenVMS FAQ.

answer written or last revised on ( 6-JUL-2000 )

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