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Booting VAX Standalone from TLZ/DDS/DAT/tape?

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The Question is:

i made a stanalone backup kit on a 4 mm dat. the command was @stabkit.com,
 destination was dka300: . dka300 is a digital externall dat drive TLZ09 .
 stabkit was made sucessfuls . the tape was labelled as system and 81 files
 were copied . but wheni reboote
d with boot dka300: the system didnt boot . what was the reason. i had the same
 problem with 3400 .but i had tk50 drive in 3400 .so i created a tk50 stabkit
 which works fine .
but 4096 doesnt have tk50 .
thanka in advance

The Answer is :

  Other TLZ-class drives are bootable from various VAX systems, so
  the OpenVMS Wizard would tend to expect the TLZ09 would be bootable
  in at least some of the VAXstation 4000 model 96 configurations.
  Without specific details of the particular error(s) seen during the
  attempt to bootstrap the VAXstation 4000 model 96 via the standalone
  VAX kit built on the TLZ09, it appears that the TLZ09 drive is either
  misconfigured or is not bootable in this particular configuration.
  (The error messages can often assist greatly with the resolution of
  the problem.  In this case, the boot command used, too.)
  Given that the VAXstation 4000 model 96 has integrated SCSI with
  full boot support, please seriously consider bootstrapping standalone
  BACKUP from an alternate disk or from an available CD-ROM kit.  Any
  of these approaches will be far faster and far more flexible than
  booting off TLZ/DDS or any other tape media -- and with any recent
  OpenVMS VAX kits, you can boot OpenVMS VAX itself off the CD-ROM
  distribution media.
  Please contact the Compaq Customer Support Center for assistance.

answer written or last revised on ( 6-JUL-2000 )

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