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Debugging detached processes?

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The Question is:

in system service sys$creprc we can run a image on detached process. Is there
 any way to debug the image in sys$creprc.

The Answer is :

  Yes, there are ways to debug detached processes on OpenVMS.
  Various common debugging options include:
    o create and use the DBG$INPUT and DBG$OUTPUT logical names in
      a logical name table visible in the context of the created
    o create and pass in a WSA-class workstation device into the
      created process as the input, output, and error device.
    o create a DECterm and pass in its name as the input, output
      and error devices for the created process
    o connect a serial terminal to an unallocated serial terminal
      line accessable on the host, and pass the name of this device
      as the input, output, and error devices for the created process.
  Other options exist, as well.  In particular, most complex applications
  should always include at least the following (integrated) capability:
    o create and utilize a log file (usually opened with sharing
      enabled) via application-integrated debugging.  Often, this
      logging can be enabled or altered based on input into the
      application being debugged.

answer written or last revised on ( 9-JUL-2000 )

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