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Network security, firewalls, and tunneling?

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The Question is:

i need help setting up a my system so that it can be accessed through a gateway
 from the internet. Please help or tell me where i matbe be able to obtain some

The Answer is :

  This initially appears to be a question that is quite specific
  to the particular firewall involved, and to the sorts of tunneling
  that will be available, and particularly to the details of the
  firewall configuration.
  Various customer sites use commercial IP tunneling packages to
  secure the IP traffic over the open network and in through the
  firewall, and these tunneling packages can and do function much
  like any other IP connection -- well, except for the encrypted
  portion of the connection and the use of a pre-arraigned hole
  through the firewall, and (usually) some form of a one-time
  challenge-response authentication scheme.
  Also beware of any permitted direct access into the remote IP host
  from systems networked to that system -- if the host that is
  originating the tunnel connection is vulnerable, then everything
  accessable via the tunnel is vulnerable.
  Compaq Professional Services can assist with establishing and
  maintaining your network security, and with configuring OpenVMS
  and other components for correct operation in your particular
  security environmment.

answer written or last revised on ( 11-JUL-2000 )

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