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TCP/IP invalid media address? (IVADDR)

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The Question is:

We have a vax4000. I have a Ucx problem which
has resulted after a powerfail.
When starting UCX version 3.1 i am getting the following errors/messages:
When i do and Installation verification Pass for
UCX i get the message "Invalid Media Address"
please help

The Answer is :

  The TCP/IP Services V3.1 release is woefully out of date, and
  OpenVMS VAX V6.1 is also out of date.  Please consider upgrades
  to more current (and supported) releases.
  The initial suspicion here would involve another IP host that has
  "thieved" this host's IP address, analogous to the discussion of
  the causes of the DECnet IVADDR errors listed below.
  As for the typical causes of the IVADDR error:
 IVADDR,  invalid media address
  Facility:     SYSTEM, System Services
  Explanation:  This message can occur for several reasons:
                o An invalid disk address was specified in a physical disk
                  read or write operation.
                o A duplicate address test failed on an attempt to start a
                  network protocol.
                o A hardware error occurred.
  User Action:  Take action appropriate to the cause of the error:
                o If a programming error occurred, update the program to
                  specify a valid disk address.
                o If the error occurred on network activity, contact
                  the network manager, who can do the following tests to
                  determine the cause of the error:
                  -  Test: Use the NCP command SHOW KNOWN LINES to check
                     whether the user's machine has multiple LAN lines.
                     If so, DECnet for OpenVMS may be trying to use more than
                     one LAN adapter on the same extended LAN.
                     Action: Run DECnet for OpenVMS on only one LAN adapter
                     per machine.
                  -  Test: Disconnect the erring system from the LAN. Go to
                     another node on the LAN and set host to the erring node.
                     If you get a response, another system on your extended
                     LAN is up and running with your DECnet address.
                     Action: Decide which DECnet address each system can use.
                  -  Test: Check for a halted node that was last using the
                     disputed DECnet address. Such a node's LAN adapter is
                     still active using the LAN address.
                     Action: Initialize the bus or power off the machine on
                     the node using the disputed DECnet address.
                o If none of the above solutions applies and you suspect a
                  hardware error, contact a Compaq support representative.

answer written or last revised on ( 12-JUL-2000 )

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