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Seeking zip and unzip tools?

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The Question is:

I hope you can help me.
Is there a website or ftp site, that I can just download the compiled
 executables files (for Alpha OpenVMS 7.1 and Vax VMS 5.5) for Zip 2.3 and
 Unzip 5.41 (latest releases) and copy them to my Alpha and Vax and start using
 them ? The thing is I have found
 the full packages to be link, compiled, etc. but none of us have the
 experience to do this.
Let me ask you another question : Is there a package I can purchase that
 zip/unzip files on both machines ? I tried PKWare Zip 2.10 for OpenVMS, but it
 does not handle files indexed Prolog 3.
Thanks for your help,

The Answer is :


answer written or last revised on ( 17-JUL-2000 )

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