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Network bandwidth, circuit/path/routing controls?

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The Question is:

quick overview: 2 node Alpha OpenVMS cluster with heavy network
load. Database in use is sybase resideing on a WNT cluster. If I add
a 2nd ethernet controller to the Alpha systems is there a way
to config the network io load to balnece it.
  ie... force all the sybase trafiic to 1 of the 2 e-net cards & block
all other traffic.  & block all sybase traffic from the other e-net card.

The Answer is :

  Manual protocol-level circuit (or path) selection is available -- though
  unless Sybase itself uses unique network protocol(s), the circuit (path)
  selection will typically be possible only at the protocol level and will
  thus affect other consumers of the (blocked) protocol(s).  Most protocols
  (SCS, IP, and DECnet included) will detect an overloaded circuit (path)
  and will shift traffic onto the best available alternate circuit (path).
  For SCS, see the SYS$EXAMPLES:*BUS*.* tools or the SET PATH (V7.2 and
  later) command.  For DECnet Phase IV, the CIRCUIT COST and the LINE
  and CIRCUIT STATE are options.  Most TCP/IP packages can (at minimum)
  manually configure the circuit state, as well.
  Another obvious alternative involves an upgrade to a faster network
  transport.  This may be the simplest approach, assuming your current
  configuration is running the fastest available mechanism.  (If you are
  currently running with a traditional Ethernet network, then an upgrade
  to Fast Ethernet or to Gigabit Ethernet will dramatically improve the
  available network bandwidth.)

answer written or last revised on ( 19-JUL-2000 )

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