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PCSI, VMSINSTAL, and automated installation?

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The Question is:

I know that Polycenter can be used to create a file, using the command "PRODUCT
 CONFIGURE", that will provide a means of installing the same layered product
 with the same options every time.
My problem is: I have several Commercial Off the Shelf products (not layered
 products)that I have to install on several Alpha 1200 systems using VMSINSTAL.
My question is: Is there any way to create a com procedure that will fill in
 the options during a VMSINSTAL session? I tried pointing SYS$COMMAND at a
 datafile containing the needed responses, but that did not work.

The Answer is :

  VMSINSTAL does offer an auto-answer mechanism -- please see the
  (archived) VMSINSTAL developer's documentation for details.
  Use of PCSI is recommended over VMSINSTAL, due to its simplicity,
  its speed, and its general capabilities.
  Even if you do not choose to move to PCSI, separating out the file
  installation from the software configuration is strongly encouraged.
  This means that you have a VMSINSTAL kit that installs the software,
  and (if the product is sufficiently complex) a product-specific
  configuration tool that is used to configure the software environment
  per site-specific requirements.  (This functional separation also
  makes an eventual move to a PCSI-based kit far easier.)

answer written or last revised on ( 19-JUL-2000 )

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