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Resolving duplicate device names in cluster?

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The Question is:

In an OpenVMS V7.1 Cluster of Alphas, what is the
accepted method of keeping naming and labelling of
local disks hidden from other members, so that it there
is no conflict with other members? With MSCP_LOAD = 0,
MSCP_SERVE_ALL = 0, and ALLOCLASS = 1, shared
disks on HSZ80 work fine, but local disk names and labels
can still conflict.
For example, if two machines have a local disk designated
DRA0, only one can MOUNT/SYS it at a time -- the other
Cluster member complains that the volume is already
allocated to another user.  Similarly, if a local disk on
one machine is MOUNT/SYS with the label FOOBAR, no
other local disk on another Cluster member can be mounted
with that same label.

The Answer is :

  Use the mechanism known as an allocation class.  With more recent
  versions of OpenVMS, use both the host and port allocation class

answer written or last revised on ( 19-JUL-2000 )

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