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Windows NT returning DECnet error?

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The Question is:

Believe it or not we have a Microvax 3500 running VMS ver 4.7 and we want to
 copy files to a workstation running NT V4.0 through Eathernet. We are
 currently doing this to another workstation running NT V3.51 and everything
 works well. When I set everythin
g up to copy to the workstation running NT 4.0 I get the message "ACP file or
 directory lookup failed, connect to network object rejected". Is there
 something different in NT 4.0 or am I missing something on the Vax side of

The Answer is :

  This would appear to be a configuration problem with the DECnet
  implementation running on the system reporting the "ACP file or
  directory lookup failed"; on the system that is the target of the
  DECnet copy.  Please check with the organization that is supporting
  the DECnet stack on the Windows NT box, in other words.
  It would behoove you to upgrade to an OpenVMS release rather
  newer than V4.7, as there have been many changes and improvements
  since that release, and many new communications capabilities and
  options have beem added.

answer written or last revised on ( 20-JUL-2000 )

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