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Storage and multipath failover?

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The Question is:

In Documentation OpenVMS 7.2-1
Guidlines for OpenVMS Cluster Configurations
The Figure 6-19 Two Hosts With Shared, Multiported Storage Controllers
shows a valid multipath configuration
but in paragraph 6.7.3 there is the following note:
The parameter MPDEV_REMOTE must remain set to the default value of OFF. This
 restriction will be removed in a future release of OpenVMS.
So, can i build a configuration like the one in the figure 6-19 with a
 temporary restriction of no failover or is it, currently, a invalid
 configuration ?
Best regards.

The Answer is :

  The configuration diagram referenced shows two direct paths and an
  MSCP-served path.
  Multiple direct paths are supported and failover among the available
  direct paths works as expected.
  The MSCP-served path (MPDEV_REMOTE) must remain set to OFF in V7.2-1.
  Failover from a local SCSI path or a local Fibre Channel path to an
  MSCP-served path is not supported in V7.2-1.

answer written or last revised on ( 20-JUL-2000 )

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