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Seeking third-party tape library support?

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The Question is:

We `ve got a HP SureStore DLT-Library for testing.
For all Operating Systems like WindowsNT, Netware, Linux etc.
there is an optinal Backup Software i. e Arcserve included in
the test-envirnment.
For OpenVMS there are no options.
We want to use the HP SureStore System not only as a stacker with
OpenVMS BackupUtility.
Therefore we are searching for a Software like ARCserve from CA,
but for OpenVMs.
Hope you can help us.
Greetings from Germany
U. Czajanek
SCHOLZE Ingenieur Gesellschaft mbH

The Answer is :

  Various fully-supported DLT libraries are available for OpenVMS.  For
  details of available StorageWorks DLT libraries, please see:
  Please see the existing discussions of dealing with and support for
  third-party devices here in Ask The Wizard.
  Information on third-party products for specific devices would usually
  be available from the device product vendor(s) or potentially from
  another vendor, with one such catalog of OpenVMS products available at:

answer written or last revised on ( 20-JUL-2000 )

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