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Porting VAX Macro32? (shareable image)

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The Question is:

I am migrating programs from a VAX to an ALPHA. I have a macro assembler source
 file that will not migrate. The source is as follows:
        .psect      $code,pic,shr,exe,nowrt
        .transfer   request_dpupdate
        .mask       request_dpupdate
        jmp         l^request_dpupdate+2
When I try to do MACRO/MIGRATE/NOFLAG, I get not absolute errors on .MASK. Help
 says to use macro/migrate/noflag=directives, but that gives a syntax error. I
 found examples on the alpha where they used VEST to migrate the executable,
 but after calling Com
paq support, they said that VEST is no longer supported and that it is not
 reliable with new versions of OpenVMS and said that I should ask the wizard.
 Any suggestions would be appreciated.

The Answer is :

  Details on porting Macro32 code over to OpenVMS Alpha are included
  in the Porting VAX Macro Code to OpenVMS Alpha manual:
  In this case, however, you are apparently porting a Macro32 shareable
  image transfer vector module, a construct which is not normally used
  and which is not usually necessary on an OpenVMS Alpha system.
  Please see the Sharable Image Cookbook available at the Ask The Wizard
  site for details on the creation and maintenance of shareable images.
  The cookbook contains information on creating transfer vectors on both
  OpenVMS Alpha and on OpenVMS VAX.
  The Compaq Customer Support Center sent you over to the OpenVMS Wizard?
  Obviously turnabout would be fair play then, as the OpenVMS Wizard has
  certainly suggested that enough folks here contact the Customer Support
  Center for assistance.

answer written or last revised on ( 20-JUL-2000 )

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