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Intermittent cluster drive off-line errors?

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The Question is:

Recently created a cluster including a VAX 4500 running VMS 7.2 MSCP-serving
 its SCSI-attached drives and a VAXStation 4000-90 satellite node (also at VMS
 7.2).  Occasionally, when running our primary application from the satellite
 node, we will get appli
cation errors.  At those times, when I do a $ dir/siz/dat on the directory
 containing the EXE's, some of the files return their information, others just
 show "medium is off-line".  The application continues to run fine from the VAX
 4500 (and a $dir/siz/da
t from there runs as-expected on the EXE directory).  This has only happened on
 the drive that serves the EXE's.  Note: several of these EXE's are installed
 images.  I can un-install the images and dismount the drive from the satellite
 node, re-mount it a
nd re-install the images and the "medium off-line" errors go away.  Again, I
 don't think we have hardware issues since everything is fine from the primary
 voting cluster node's point of view.  Is there some issue with the speed of
 MSCP requests across a 1
0MB Ethernet connection, or might it have something to do with the installed
 images coming from that disk?  Thx.

The Answer is :

  Please contact the Compaq Customer Support Center, as rather
  more information will be required -- this could be a problem
  with hardware, software, network, or firmware.  Specifics on
  the particular disk device involved will be of interest, as

answer written or last revised on ( 21-JUL-2000 )

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